Rob Ellis


Producer, Writer/composer, Orchestral Arranger, Multi-instrumentalist and Vocalist, Rob Ellis is a highly talented individual! Perhaps most widely acknowledged for his work with PJ Harvey with whom he has worked as a producer, arranger and musician since 1990, Rob produced and arranged the band's debut album 'Dry' and as well as providing drums/keys/guitars and vocals he also co-wrote 2 of the songs. He then went on to work with Polly on most of her albums including the critically acclaimed and Mercury Prize award-winning 'Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea' which he co-produced and provided both drums and keyboards for.

The debut Anna Calvi album that Rob produced was not only shortlisted for the Mercury Prize and reached the Sound of BBC 2011 final but gathered a whole host of incredible and fully deserved glowing reviews for what is a startlingly brilliant debut album.

Most recently Rob has lent his drumming skills, flourishes of arrangement and general spiritual advise to the beautiful Cold Specks album 'I Predict A Graceful Expulsion'. He also produced the amazing 2:54's debut album as well the majority of tracks on their Ep 'Scarlet'.

Rob has also released his own compositions on the Leaf Label entitled 'Music For The Home' volumes 1 & 2 to great critical acclaim, gaining glowing reviews in The Times, Guardian, Mojo, NME, Independent and The Wire. Scott Walker also sampled one of these tracks entitled 'Arctic Crossing' to use on the Ute Lemper album 'Punishing Kiss'.


Anna Calvi Anna Calvi (Domino Records album) Prod, Arr, Keys, Organ, Percussion, Glockenspiel
Jezebel/Moulinette (Domino Records double A single) Prod
PJ Harvey Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea (Island album) Co Prod/drums/keys/Bv's
Uh Huh Her (Island album) Drums
Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit album) Drums/Bv's/Arranged & played piano on 'Beautiful Feeling
Is This Desire (Island album) Arr/Orchestrated and played keys & drums on 'The Garden'
Arranged/played piano and drums on 'The River'. Keys on 'The Sky Lit Up'.
B-Sides (Island album) Co-wrote/Prod/Piano on 'Daddy'
Rid Of Me (Too Pure album) Drums/Bv's, Wrote/Arranged strings on 'Mansize Sextet'
Dry (Too Pure album) Co-prod/Drums/Keys/Guitar/vocals/Co-wrote 'Plants&Rags' & 'Joe'
2:54 2:54 (Fiction album) Prod
Scarlet (Fiction EP tracks) Prod
Marianne Faithfull Before The Poison (Naiive album) Co-Prod. Wrote/Arranged/Directed all instruments
On 'City Of Quartz' & 'Last Song'. Arranged/Performed piano & drums on 'Mystery Of Love', 'No Child Of Mine', 'In The Factory' and played drums on 'Before The Poison'
Fredrika Stahl Forthcoming album (Sony France) Prod/Arr/Drums/Keys/Strings
Swann Forthcoming album (Atmospheriques) Prod/Arr/Drums/Strings/Prepared piano
Charlotte Hatherley The Deep Blue (Littlle Sister album) Co-Prod/Arranged/Keys/Drums/Bv's
New Worlds (Little Sister album) Drums/Keys/Bv's
Grey Will Fade (Phantom album) Drums

Dot Allison Room Seven And A Half (Absolute album) Prod/Arr strings & brass/keys/drums/Bv's
Natalie Nordnes Letters (Oliver Records album) Prod/Arr orchestra parts/keys/percussion
Wildbirds & Peacedrums My Heart Remix
Rob Ellis Music For The Home Vol. 1 & 2 (Leaf label album) Wrote/Prod/Performed/Engineered
Laika Good Looking Blues (Too Pure album) Drums/Percussion
Sounds Of The Satellites (Beggars Banquet album) Drums/Percussion/Keys/Vocals
Placebo Black Market Blood (Hut album track) Wrote and Arranged strings, piano & harp/Perf piano
Kitty Wu Knives And Daggers (Fast Getaway album) Prod/Keys
The Rules Of Transportation (Universal International album) Prod/Arr Strings/Keys/Perc/Bv's
Pooka Fools Give Birth To Angels (Pooka album) Arr Strings/Played piano, drums, percussion
Spinning (Universal album) Drums/Percussion/Arr Strings
Natasha Lea Jones The Morning After (NLJ Album) Prod/Organ/Piano/Drums
Cradle Will Rock (Soundtrack) 'Nickel Under Your Foot' track (RCA original soundtrack) Co-Prod/Co-Arr/Piano
Spleen Nun Lover (Sartorial album) Prod/Eng/Co-wrote/Keys/Drums/Vocals
Little Scratches (Function 8 album) Prod/Eng/Mix/Co-wrote/Arr/Keys/Drums/Vocals
Soundtrack to Spleen (Swarf Finger album) Prod/Eng/Mix/Co-wrote/Arr/Keys/Drums/Vocals
Marlene Kuntz Bianco Sporco (Virgin album) Keys/Percussion/Wrote, Arr, directed all strings
Senza Peso (Virgin album) Co-Prod/Arr strings/Keys/Percussion/Bv's
Madrugada Grit (Music For Nations album) Wrote & Arr strings for 'Majesty' Played Keys/Drums
Mick Harvey Two Of Diamonds (Mute album) Drums/Piano
Lise Westzynthius Siberian Mission (Auditorium album) Prod/Arr Strings/Keys/Percussion
Katerina Knechtova Zodiac (Universal album) Arr Strings/Keys/Drums/Bv's
Musetta Mice To Meet You (Irma album) Arr Strings/Keys/Bv's
Giulia Villari The Diver (Ep) Prod/Arr/Keys/Percussion/Bv's
Kovlo I'm So Happy On This Boat (On The Camper album) Prod/Keys/Arr Trumpet & Strings
Swell For All The Beautiful People (Beggars album) Drums
Christmas I Am 50 Fathoms (Morpheus Ep) Co-wrote/Prod/Vocals/Keys
The Secret Architecture (Morpheus Ep) Co-wrote/Prod/Vocals/Keys
The Jains Goddess In You (Tube Records album) Prod/Keys
Ogino Knaus Nuclear Cunt (Valvolare album) Prod/Keys/Percussion/Bv's
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