Richard Jackson


Coming into the forefront after his production work on The Automatic's debut album which included the huge hits 'Monster' and 'Recover' Richard has produced, recorded and mixed a diverse selection of bands and artists from the genre-defying Future Of The Left to the iconic Mclusky, and more recently the incredibly catchy and dark debut of The Threatmantics released on Double 6/Domino.

One of Richard's huge talents is capturing the energy of whichever artist he is recording. Sonically his records are hard to replicate and he is also a great mixer!

The Future Of The Left album 'Travels With Myself And Another' that Richard Produced and mixed, garnered some cracking reviews: 8/10 Pitchfork, 8/10 NME, 9/10 Clash Magazine and The Guardian said 'This terrific second album, an album that takes you to the most unexpected places, often at extreme volume and breakneck speed'.

Expect exciting things from the incredible The Chapman Family album 'Burn Your Town' which Richard also produced and mixed, this is due out on March 7th and will swiftly be followed by the explosive Young Legionnaire album coming out on Wichita in April!


Chapman Family Burn Your Town (Pias album) Prod/Mix/Rec
Anxiety (Pias single) Prod/Mix/Rec
All Fall (Pias single) Prod/Mix/Rec
Young Legionnaire Crisis Works (Wichita album) Prod/Mix/Rec
Future Of The Left Travels With Myself & Another (4AD album and singles) Co-Prod/Mix
Curses (Too Pure album and singles) Co-Prod/Mix
Mclusky Mclusky Do Dallas (Too Pure album & single tracks) Eng/Mix
She Will Only Bring You Happiness (Too Pure single) Mix
The Automatic Tear The Signs Down album/singles (Armoured Records / EMI) Prod/Eng/Mix
This Is A Fix (B-Unique album tracks) Prod
Not Accepted Anywhere (B-Unique album tracks) Prod
Monster & Recover (B-Unique/Universal singles) Prod
Richard Parfitt Highlights In Slow Motion (Rough Trade album) Prod/Mix
Threatmantics Upbeat Love (Double Six / Domino album) Prod/Mix
60ft Dolls The Big 3 (Geffen album) Prod/Mix
Joya Magica (Sony album) Prod/Mix
Brave Captain Advertisements For Myself (Wichita album) Eng/Mix
Lone Lady Forthcoming tracks (Too Pure) Co-prod
The Steers Rewind Repeat (WEA single) Prod/Mix/Eng
Viva Machine Forthcoming album Prod/Mix/Eng
The Caves This Way To... The Caves (Main Spring album) Prod/Mix/Eng
The Boyfriends The Boyfriends (Boobytrap album) Prod/Mix/Eng
Big Leaves Alien & Familiar (Delorso album) Prod/Mix/Eng
Crashland The Devoted (Sugar Shack EP) Prod/Mix/Eng
Murry The Hump Songs Of Ignorance (Too Pure album) Eng/Mix
Sliver Suit (Prim & Proper single) Prod/Mix/Eng
Rude Club Locust (Sacred album) Prod/Mix/Eng
Foul Mouth Punter (Sacred single) Prod/Mix/Eng
Flyscreen Council Pop (Words Of Warning mini album)
66 Size 8 Leather (MCA EP & album tracks)
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